The Thursday night concert at the Music for All Summer Symposium brought a special treat, the Ahn Trio. I have to say, I do have a soft spot for strings, but this group had a unique sound that created a powerful mood.

The Ahn Trio brought a different vibe to Emens Auditorium, as their music was expressive and animated. Sitting there it was easy to just close your eyes and let the music paint in your mind. Their use of different sounds and bowing created a clear muscial story, but one that was unique to each and every person. That’s one thing I love about string and non-lyrical pieces — you get to interpret and decipher the piece in your own way. 

During the concert I hope the kids took time not only to listen to and create their own story in their head, but also reflect on everything they accomplished so far here at camp. For many, they get to take this excess of knowledge and share it with their peers. I know for a fact that all campers created new friends from different schools.

The music the Ahn Trio played at the concert felt like it was supposed to be the soundtrack to a giant slideshow of these kids memories of the 2015 Summer Symposium. 

After the concert, the three sisters of the trio met students in the lobby of Emens Auditorium to sign CDs and other memoribilia and answer questions about being a musician. They were lively with personality and gave advice that expanded on more than just music, but also on life. Those three phenomenally talented women put on a show that was not only musically inclined, but also emotionally. That is true art.