Music for All is moving to a new platform for it’s online video streaming beginning this fall, including for the 2012 Bands of America Championships.

The new Music for All Video will be launched in early September and available directly on The subscription and Pay Per View pricing is comparable to the former MFA Fan Network with $59 Premium and $39 subscription options, and pay per view options. Premium will include the full library available on-demand, plus live webcasts of the four BOA Super Regionals and Grand National Championships.

All subscriptions to the MFA Fan Network expired on August 31, 2012. The Fan Network, powered by DCI, has a set expiration date of all subscribers, regardless of when the subscription began. We coordinated the September launch of the new Music for All Video after all former MFA Fan Network subscriptions expired to eliminate crossover of subscriptions.

With this new video service your subscription will be for one year from your subscription date, regardless of when you subscribe.

When the new Music for All Video is launched in the coming days, all of the same library of archived Bands of America and Music for All videos that was previously available on the MFA Fan Network will be available on the new MFA Video.

The new network will be have a multi-bitrate delivery system that streams a bandwidth version that will best perform to your viewing device. For the desktop viewing experience the web-browser will utilize Flash for delivery. On tablets and smartphones, the system will automatically serve the video via the HTML 5 protocol.

The highest available bitrate will be similar to the YouTube 720p HD option. When viewing video at full-screen you will achieve the highest image quality. Viewing High Definition video content is a resource intensive process, regardless of platform.

Music for All will make an announcement online and by email to MFA Network web subscribers when the new MFA Video is launched on