The SWAG Team is the heart and soul of the Summer Symposium. SWAGs are a volunteer group of dedicated college students, graduate students, band directors, and others interested in music education. Music for All is starting a new SWAG Alumni Program for this very special group of alumni, and we need your help! The purpose of the SWAG Alumni Program is to:

  • Gather and share memories from the Music for All Summer Symposium
  • Assist with identifying, recruiting, and engaging future SWAGs and SWAG alumni
  • Help tell others “the story” of Music for All and the Summer Symposium.

If you’re a former SWAG, we need your help as we work to update contact information for all SWAGs. Please take a moment to update your contact info. Music for All staff will use this information to keep you informed about our new alumni program and facilitate a special gathering in the future. Thank you for the enormous help and involvement at the Summer Symposium. You’re an important member of the Music for All Team!

Help us keep in touch by filling out the contact form here.