Music for All released corrected scoring and placement results for its October 31- November 1 Bands of America Super Regional at San Antonio. Shortly after the event, we found and recognized that an error had been made in transferring and tabulating a judge’s scoring during the Preliminary Competition. Following investigation and conference with all the affected bands, the organization and participants agreed to correct the scores and outcome to reflect the intent of the affected judge. As a result of this correction, Music for All announces the following corrected results related to its Class 4A competition:

First Place – Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S.
Second Place – Marcus H.S.
Third Place – The Woodlands H.S.

Highest General Effect in Class 4A – Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S.

Corrected recaps for the San Antonio Regional can be found online at

Music for All apologizes to all the bands and band families affected by this error in tabulation. It also expresses gratitude to the directors of the affected bands and sincere appreciation for their commitment to ensuring and validating the integrity of Bands of America results and their commitment to full and complete disclosure.

Music for All remains committed to its mission to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences for all participants and has taken steps necessary to amend its protocols to prevent this type of error in the future.

Congratulations to all the participating bands and to all those in attendance at the Super Regional.