A huge thank you goes out to our second evening concert at Emens Auditorium, the Atlantic Brass Quintet!


The students at the MFA Summer Symposium get to experience several genres of music all week long. The Atlantic Brass Quintet definitely did not disappoint with their variety of classical and jazz. The concert itself was an educational opportunity, with the quintet talking about the background of the pieces they were performing.


But one of the best parts of the concert had to of been when two of our very own Jazz Division students joined the Atlantic Brass Quintet onstage! Both of these students showcased their incredible talent in an auditorium filled with their peers, and we couldn’t be more proud!

jazzstudent1 jazzstudent2

It was definitely a fantastic concert, and we thank the Atlantic Brass Quintet (and our two Jazz Division saxophonists) for sharing their talents with us!