The first event in the Evening Concert Series at the MFA Summer Symposium was the Yamaha Young Performing Artists (YYPA). This concert featured seven young performers from ages 18 to 21 that played both jazz and classical music.

The performers included a jazz saxophonist, jazz trumpet player, clarinetist, tuba player, jazz vibraphone player, pianist, and a violinist. The wide variety of instruments and types of music played made the concert appeal to all the different tracks that students are participating in at the Summer Symposium.


This concert also featured guest artist Dana Leong, a well known composer, cellist, and trombonist. He was so thrilled by the amount of energy the students brought forth throughout the concert and he stated, “I love the energy that you are bringing! It shows how much passion you have for this art.” Dana was able to really light up the audience with his upbeat playing. He had the audience clapping, snapping, cheering, and dancing along to his compositions.

JCR 2036 JCR 2239


The Summer Symposium students had such a positive experience at this concert and were really blown away by the amount of talent these young musicians possess. They have been inspired to continue working hard in music so that one day, they could be up on that stage performing!