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Wednesday night’s concert at the Music for All Summer Symposium could be described in one word: eclectic! 

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The concert began with Jazz Band Division campers playing upbeat music while marching down the center aisle of Emens Auditorium onto the multi-color lit stage. The crowd went wild while fog filled the air and musicians from Voices from the Soul appeared from backstage and into their positions. These Jazz Band campers had the opportunity to play solos during the performance and experience what it was like to play with professionals. 

Tad Robinson, a jazz vocalist who matriculated at the Indiana University School of Music, led the next set. Other members of the band included Sammy K on drums, Mark Buselli on trumpet and Joel Tucker on guitar. With a blues tune, the band played notes that made me want to close my eyes and feel the music with my whole body. It was easy to see that the group was having the time of their lives and this made the performance even better. 

Following, Soul Purpose, a gospel facet of the group, sang the classic “At Last,” originally sang by Etta James, with an original performance twist. Students and other audience members took out their cell phones to use as modern day lighters and sway to the music.

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Later in the concert Joyce “Peaches” Faison really got the crowd moving with her breathtaking vocals and energetic dance moves! She waved her scarf like a flag (though it was a little different from color guard) and used her movement to tell the visual story of the song. 


The last part of the concert was interactive! Joyce invited students to join her on the stage to dance to sing to “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor! The crowd roared and once again our campers had a chance to participate in music.

Overall, this concert hit many decades, styles, and genres of music, including blues, jazz, soul, and pop. Featuring marching band elements, jazz improvisation skills, and even a harmonica, Voices of the Soul was an all-inclusive musical experience. 

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