Just a little under fours hours remain in the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook. Thank you to all who have voted and to all who have passed this along to friends, family and colleagues. We need to be in 25th place to receive funding from Chase in Round Two, and right now, we’re in 39th place. But, we haven’t given up!

Anything you can do to help us get out the vote in the final couple of hours would be so appreciated! If you’re willing, perhaps download one of our banner/badge images to share, and show others that you’ve voted. You can download these images for your own profile page here.

We’d also sincerely appreciate it if you consider posting a call to vote as your facebook status for the remaining hours of the Chase program. Or, would you mind tweeting or emailing some information to your friends? Here is some suggested text, if you’re willing and able to do this:


Suggested Facebook status (feel free to personalize it, and tag us @Music for All, @Bands of America):

I’m voting now for Music for All/Bands of America in the Chase Community Giving program. I hope you’ll vote, tonight, and help MFA win up to $500,000 to continue their music education and advocacy programs.


Suggested Twitter post (@musicforall, @bandsofamerica, #musicforall, #bandsofamerica):

Help MFA/BOA inspire & activate the next generation of arts education advocates and save music & arts education. Vote tonight: https://bit.ly/mruF6M


Text to copy, paste and personalize for email and more:

Music for All’s (MFA) mission is to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all. Please help us fulfill our mission! Out of hundreds of thousands of charities, MFA/Bands of America made the top 20 of Round 1 of the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook, thanks to those who voted. Now, the 25 eligible Charities receiving the most votes in Round 2 May 19 to May 25 will share in $2,500,000 in donations from Chase. Voting ends at 11:59:59 EST tonight! Vote now!

Thank you for your support. It is truly amazing to see how many people support music and the arts. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts.

Thank you,

Your Music for All staff