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“I think every single student would say they can hear and feel a difference with the VAE Rehearsal System,” says Philip Brown, Choral Director at Bloomington Jefferson High School (BJHS) in Bloomington, Minn. “It’s adding to their skill set and enhancing their music education.”

Wenger’s Virtual Acoustic Environment (VAE) technology enhances and accelerates music learning by creating realistic acoustic simulations of a variety of performance spaces, including recital hall, auditorium, arena or cathedral. Wenger acoustical engineers also simulated the BJHS’ auditorium’s acoustics with a custom setting.

Brown considers this custom setting very convenient because it’s difficult to hold many rehearsals in the auditorium. He says high school auditoriums are more heavily scheduled these days, including with rental events.

The beauty of this VAE Rehearsal system is threefold. First, its simplicity makes the system very easy to use. The environment can be changed at the touch of a button. Second, the system’s different acoustic environments offer flexibility and because they are preset, users don’t have to worry about them.

Finally, the digital record and playback capability works with any of the nine acoustical settings – for immediate listening in rehearsal, to save for future use or to create an audition recording.

Brown agrees. “The VAE Rehearsal’s record-playback function is awesome,” he notes. “We can hear problems, make adjustments and listen for improvements.”

Wenger will offer live demonstrations of its Virtual Acoustics technology at Midwest Clinic in Chicago December 19-21. To learn about these demonstrations and other Virtual Acoustics installations, click here.