From the President and CEO, Eric L. Martin

We are pleased to be able to offer Live Streaming Webcasts of 2015 Bands of America Super Regional (St. Louis, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and San Antonio) and Grand National Championships.

Many of you are aware of the changing environment concerning the production and offering of commemorative videos of student performances and Music for All/Bands of America events.

We are happy to be able to offer this service and opportunity for parents and boosters who cannot make the trip to still be part of the experience.

Live Webcast Pricing and Order Information

Prices and package options for BOA live streams are below. Pricing offered has been established to make the offering feasible and as affordable as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to develop methods to create ways to extend and make available the experience.

All Live Webcasts are available live, as they happen only. It is an “in-stadium” experience, but on your screen.

How to Order: Music for All is working to finalize the online ordering system, to be available this week in time to order for the St. Louis Super Regional Live Webcast. An announcement will be made on this blog and on Facebook and Twitter when ordering is live. You can plan your purchase using the pricing below.

Individual Super Regionals

St. Louis Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 16-17, Live from the Edward Jones Dome

Indianapolis Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 23-24, Live from Lucas Oil Stadium

Atlanta Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 30-31, Live from the Georgia Dome

San Antonio Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 30-31, Live from the Alamodome

Grand National Championships

Grand National Thursday Prelims – $24.95
Grand National Friday Prelims – $24.95
Grand National Semifinals – $34.95
Grand National Finals – $49.95

Grand National “All Access” Webcast Pass (Prelims, Semis, and Finals Bundle) – $68.95
That’s just 49 cents per performance!

2015 Live Webcast Season Pass

“All Access” Webcast Season Pass (St. Louis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and San Antonio Super Regionals, plus all of Grand Nationals – Prelims, Semi-Finals, and Finals) – $98.95
That’s just 22 cents per performance!

Note: Only Super Regionals and Grand Nationals will be Live Webcast.

More About Capturing and Providing Recordings

In hopes of making video recordings of 2015 BOA performances available in some format (e.g. streaming video on demand and/or digital downloads) at some point in the future, Music for All has invested in and retained the ongoing services of Mr. Video, our past videographer to capture and edit high and multi-camera versions of all 2015 Bands of America fall performances. We are delivering a copy to each director for archival and teaching purposes, but cannot legally release additional copies at this time.

Please know that offering traditional DVDs, post-event steaming video on demand, or digital downloads in a legally compliant, timely and affordable fashion to students, teachers, students, fans and supporters is and remains a priority for us and others involved and engaged in presenting and supporting the pageantry arts.

Requirements and processes established in the past are no longer feasible or acceptable to rights holders. To date, we have not found common ground that will allow recording, licensing, and distribution in cost or time effective manners acceptable to rights holders, or affordable to Music for All or you – our participants and fans.

DVD Products Discontinued

We do not expect to offer DVD products as we have in the past. We are hopeful (late season or early next year) we will have processes that will allow licensing of streaming and/or downloadable commemorative videos of individual shows. If and when a system allowing them exists, we will inform you.

Music for All is working to prepare communications to past online video customers with these details; if you are a past customer, we appreciate your patience as we prepare those communications.