The one-hundred and third installment of a new series on the blog that we will be posting throughout the month of December. As some of you are aware, Music for All will be taking an Honor Band to the 2017 Rose Parade. Our members were selected by audition for the ensemble and come from all across the United States. We are looking forward to coming together for the first time as a band at the end of December and we hope this series will allow us all to get to know some (hopefully most!) of the members of this awesome ensemble!


Name: Edgar Blandón Jr.

Hometown: Kyle, TX

School Name: Lehman HS

Section: Alto Saxophone

What made you decide to apply to be a part of the band?
I joined band not only because of my love for music, I joined as a way to make my family (especially my parents) proud of what I do.

What part of the trip are you most excited about?
Actually visiting LA for the first time ever, plus going there and doing something that I love makes me even more excited.

What are three things you’ve learned from being involved in band?
-Work smart not hard.
-Do what is on the page and add on for stylistic purpose (only solos recommended).
-Play for someone that is dear to you.

Most memorable moment in band?
After three months of hard work and practicing everyday I made the All-Region Orchestra, made the All-Region band in ATX, also advancing onto Area, and auditioning for All-State band in 2017.

Besides band, what are you involved in at school?
I’m currently in Spanish Honors Society, making my community a better place for both English and Spanish speakers.

What’s your favorite book?
I dont really read, but I read Paper Towns and loved it.

What’s your favorite song or piece of music?
-My favorite song is Don’t by Ed Sheeran
-My favorite piece of music is Danzon No. 2 by Arturo Marquez

Favorite movie?
Edge of Seventeen

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Buttered Pecan

What’s your current plan for what you want to do after graduating high school?
Become a music major at whichever University takes me in. However, if there’s a university I want to attend, its University of North Texas or Texas State.

Have you participated in MFA/BOA events before? Which ones?
I’ve participated in the BOA Super Regional in San Antonio from 2014-2016.

Tell us something interesting/unique about you:
I can speak English and Spanish fluently. I love almost all movies and music although I’m sort of a critic to those things.