The one-hundred and sixteenth installment of a new series on the blog that we will be posting throughout the month of December. As some of you are aware, Music for All will be taking an Honor Band to the 2017 Rose Parade. Our members were selected by audition for the ensemble and come from all across the United States. We are looking forward to coming together for the first time as a band at the end of December and we hope this series will allow us all to get to know some (hopefully most!) of the members of this awesome ensemble!


Name: Jonathan Kessler

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

School Name: Palo Verde High School

Section: Baritone Saxophone

What made you decide to apply to be a part of the band?
I’ve always had a love for marching band and I was never able to do the honor marching band’s my friends were able to do, so when I found out about this I jumped on it.

What part of the trip are you most excited about?
Marching in a parade at Disneyland. I remember watching a parade at Disney when I was a kid and I can’t wait to share the magic.

What are three things you’ve learned from being involved in band?
1. Everybody has potential; they just need to realize it and have the determination to want to do something about it.
2. Being on time is late, and being early is on time.
3. Regardless of what position you are in any group, you have significance and you are important.

Most memorable moment in band?
My most memorable moments were when I got the chance to perform at Carnegie Hall with the Honors Performance Series Honor Band, and when I got to perform at the Midwest Clinic with the Desert Winds Contemporary Wind Ensemble.

Besides band, what are you involved in at school?
When it comes to school all I really do is band. I’ve been part of my school’s top Jazz Ensemble for the past three years and our top Concert Band for the past two.

What’s your favorite book?
I don’t favor individual books, but I have my favorite series’ of books. I can’t pick just one, but I’ve always been fascinated by magic and mythology, so Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are at the top of that list.

What’s your favorite song or piece of music?
I love Fernande Decrucks Saxophone Sonata in C# Minor. It really exemplifies the beauty and lyrical qualities of my instrument.

Favorite movie?
Harry Potter

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Cookie Dough

What’s your current plan for what you want to do after graduating high school?
Once I graduate, I am planning on attending Arizona State University to pursue a Bachelor’s in Saxophone Performance. My ultimate goal is to earn a doctorate and eventually have my own saxophone studio at a university.

Have you participated in MFA/BOA events before? Which ones?
I have participated in the Bands of America Regional competition in St. George, Utah.

Tell us something interesting/unique about you:
Aside from playing Saxophone, I love to ride my longboard and one of my favorite pastimes is cooking.