This is the forty-sixth installment of a new chapter in our Student Features series on the blog that we will be posting leading up to the 2017 Music for All National Festival, presented by Yamaha. Music for All will be featuring three honor ensembles (Honor Band of America, Honor Orchestra of America, and the Jazz Band of America) at the Music for All National Festival, March 9th through March 11th. We look forward to getting to know all of these wonderful students who have been accepted into these prestigious ensembles!


Name: Anna Dorey

Hometown: New Port Richey, FL

School Name: J.W. Mitchell H.S.

Instrument: French Horn

Which Ensemble Are You In?
Honor Orchestra of America

What made you decide to apply to be a part of the ensemble?
I heard about it from my friend who did the Jazz Band of America and I thought it would be really fun to try.

What are three things you’ve learned from being involved in band or orchestra?
1. Always be at least 20 minutes early to a rehearsal, class, or literally anything.
2. Music can inspire anyone, even those who don’t normally listen to it.
3. If you love music, keep it in your life.

Most memorable moment in band or orchestra?
My most memorable moment in band was when my band went to a competition in Atlanta. We didn’t really know what to expect and we just put a giant concert band together, but when we played the cut off of our march it echoed in the hall for a really long time and everyone just stopped to listen.

Besides band/orchestra, what are you involved in at school?
I’m in National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, and Varsity Tennis Team.

What book have you read that you would recommend?
I would highly recommend The Art of Possibility by Ben Zander. Our clinician for this event, Jeffery Grogan, suggested it when he conducted our All-State Orchestra and I loved it.

What’s your favorite song or piece of music?
My favorite piece hands down is the Finale to Mahler 1

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Moon Mist

What’s your favorite non-music related hobby or past time?
I love going to see musicals with my younger sister.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give a friend who needs some inspiration or motivation?
Even at your worst moments you can find a light at the end of the tunnel, like I found with French Horn, while trying to get away from bullies.

What’s your current plan for what you want to do after graduating high school?
I plan on majoring in Music Performance and Biology because I’m either going to be a doctor or play in a major symphony.

Have you participated in MFA/BOA events before? Which ones?
No, but I’m really excited to!

Tell us something interesting/unique about you:
My entire family is from Canada, so I’m the first American in my entire family.