This is the forty-seventh installment of a new chapter in our Student Features series on the blog that we will be posting leading up to the 2017 Music for All National Festival, presented by Yamaha. Music for All will be featuring three honor ensembles (Honor Band of America, Honor Orchestra of America, and the Jazz Band of America) at the Music for All National Festival, March 9th through March 11th. We look forward to getting to know all of these wonderful students who have been accepted into these prestigious ensembles!


Name: Madison Hansen

Hometown: Biloxi, MS

School Name: Biloxi High School

Instrument: Clarinet

Which Ensemble Are You In?
Honor Band of America

What made you decide to apply to be a part of the ensemble?
I heard about the Honor Band of America a few years ago while browsing the web, but never imagined I could ever be accepted into the group. It wasn’t until I was selected to perform with the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band that I believed the goal was at all obtainable. I am very honored to be accepted into this prestigious ensemble and am looking forward to the experience.

What are three things you’ve learned from being involved in band or orchestra?
Band has definitely taught me a lot about working with others for a common goal, time management, and how to set short-and long-term goals for myself.

Most memorable moment in band or orchestra?
About a year ago I had the privilege to play under the baton of Frank Ticheli at a local honor band. At our first rehearsal, we read through his piece “Rest.” It was truly amazing to see how passionate he was about his music and to see the emotion he put into his conducting. It was definitely one of the most memorable moments I’ve had in my music career.

Besides band/orchestra, what are you involved in at school?
At school I am a very active member of the Key Club where I serve as club president. I also serve as the lieutenant governor of my division for Key Club. I am always busy with a service project, and I love doing things for my school and community.

What book have you read that you would recommend?
I am a very big fan of the Harry Potter series and I highly recommend it to anyone.

What’s your favorite song or piece of music?
As a musician this is a tough question! Some of my favorite pieces include Elgar’s Cello Concerto and Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Mint Chocolate Chip

What’s your favorite non-music related hobby or past time?
When I’m not rehearsing or performing, I love to spend time with my friends and family.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give a friend who needs some inspiration or motivation?
I would advise a friend who needs inspiration or motivation to change their perspective on life and look for the good things that have brought them to this point in their life and to be thankful.

What’s your current plan for what you want to do after graduating high school?
After graduating high school I will attend the University of Southern Mississippi to major in music performance with pre-medical requirements. I one day hope to be an OBGYN and play actively in many local ensembles.

Have you participated in MFA/BOA events before? Which ones?

Tell us something interesting/unique about you:
I am the first person ever from my school to attend the Honor Band of America.