Our new Music for All Impact series will introduce you to some of the incredible advocates of Music for All as they share their stories of Music for All’s impact on them and why there were compelled to pay it forward to ensure that others feel that impact as well. In today’s spotlight, we are thrilled to introduce you to Bill Galvin.

Bill Galvin Photo 3

How did you become involved with Music for All?

My first exposure to Music for All, then Bands of America, was in the mid-1980s when I took the band from New Brighton High School to a regional marching band competition in Pittsburgh. In retrospect, we weren’t very good and we didn’t do all that well but the students were excited about their participation and I was challenged to improve my teaching and improve the band.

What attracted you to the cause?

Early on I was simply looking for a new experience, hence our participation in that initial regional. I had been teaching over ten years I was looking to grow as a teacher and to provide growth opportunities for my students. I found that in Bands of America.

What is your favorite Music for All memory?

Wow. The memories come flooding back. As a teacher, there are too many to enumerate but I have always had a soft spot for young people achieving, accomplishing, and being successful. Those moments kept me fresh and challenged throughout my career. As a parent, the opportunity to experience events, and subsequent successes, with my son and daughter during their high school years are lasting and valued impressions.

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What impact has music education had on your life?

I can’t imagine doing anything different with my life, music was oxygen for me, and sharing quality music with my students – educating – provided daily goals and expectations.

What does Music for All’s mission mean to you?

The Music for All mission statement of “providing positively life-changing experiences” sets an expectation for everyone, staff, volunteers, participants – it is inescapable. It holds me, us, accountable for all we do relative to our participation. Today, more than ever, we need accountability across society and the lessons learned through Music for All provide the perfect example for all of us, and most importantly, our young people.

What compelled you to be a donor?

Being a donor is a small opportunity to give back to an organization that has provided so many lasting memories and positive growth lessons for me, my children, and my students. It pleases me to know that in some small manner I am making a difference. My continued involvement in Music for All events post-retirement enables me to witness first-hand the positive influences being created for students and teachers alike.

In your opinion, what is the most important work that Music for All does?

First and foremost, Music for All advocates for music education, the growth of the company over the years in that regard has been exceptional. Additionally, they continue to raise the standard for excellence in teaching and to espouse ideals for professionalism within the teaching profession.

What do you wish people knew about Music for All?

Every decision by the staff and advisors is made after thoughtful consideration relative to the mission statement, the best interest of the students, teachers and parents is always paramount in every decision. The Music for All staff is incredibly dedicated, they work tirelessly to ensure every program, event and experience is presented at a very high level.

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What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating?

Do it! It will make you feel good and you will be nurturing young people in the process. My years of involvement with Music for All have illustrated the need for donations. The programs offered simply cannot exist on “user fees” alone, your donation makes a positive difference.