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Today, Friday, June 19, is National Summer Learning Day! 

Led by the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), National Summer Learning Day is aimed to celebrate and advocate to keep kids learning and growing in a safe environment every summer. Studies show a correlation between the increase in the amount of children who do not participate in educational summer activities and a learning gap that has caused them to fall behind in core subjects. 

To offset this gap, a variety of organizations have put summer learning back on the map by providing children and young adults with opportunities to expand their creativity and improve their physical fitness. 

Sleep away camps, day camps, seminars, writing workshops and other summer programs help set kids apart from their peers and set them up for achievement in the upcoming school year. Along with the main subjects being taught, these programs also help children build interpersonal interaction skills so that they can become effective communicators. 

As the 2015 Music for All Summer Symposium kicks off tomorrow morning, we celebrate the privilege we have to contribute to summer learning! With hands-on activities and interactive seminars with some of the best educators and musicians, Music for All recognizes the responsibility we all have to make music programs, during the summer and year-round, one-of-a-kind and beneficial to students’ emotional and intellectual growth. We can work to become personal advocates and examples of the strength, kindness and positivity needed to become successful leaders in all areas of life. 

Follow our journey at this week-long immersive music summer camp at https://www.musicforall.org/what-we-do/summer-camp/2015-symposium-coverage