Hannah and Sarah

We love this story about two cousins who were marching in different bands at the Jacksonville Regional this past weekend. Both of their bands made finals and were able to meet up with each other during Break Ranks!

A big thanks to Sheri Byrd, Sarah’s mom (Sarah is pictured left), who shared this photo with us and told us more about these cousins! 

“My daughter is on the left. Her name is Sarah Katherine Byrd and she is in eight grade and on the colorguard for James F Byrnes High School Rebel Regiment. This is her first year on colorguard and her second season marching. She is pictured with her cousin, Hannah Byrd, who is on the colorguard for Harrison High School. Hannah is a sophomore, and has marched with Harrison since she was in 6th grade.

This was taken after the finals performance when they had met up together to congratulate each other on the great performances. I have included a second picture where they had finally found each other amongst all the students on the field. They are cousins and have always gotten along well but Sarah Katherine’s older sister was in guard and so the 3 of them have always bonded over guard. Because Hannah and Sarah Katherine have always been closer in age, this opportunity to compete and support each other, has given them a new closeness and made them appreciate the support they get from each other even more.”

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