It’s pretty quiet here at the MFA office today. A few staff are here unpacking and getting settled again, and the rest will return tomorrow. We’ve all had a chance to rest and reflect a bit on the past week.

I found myself thinking about festival when I had to run a lunchtime errand. There was one item I left over at the Marriott, where our Festival headquarters were located. It was beautiful and warm outside around the lunch hour today in Indianapolis so I took the opportunity to walk and get some fresh air and sunshine.

I took a short cut through the convention center to get to the Marriott, and it was eerily quiet near the Sagamore Ballroom, which just a couple days ago held so many participants at the high school banquet.

As I got to the Marriott, I realized I missed the sounds I had grown accustomed to the last couple of days – the harmonious sounds coming from the rehearsals and concerts and the laughter and chatter from festival participants. I felt sad that festival is over for this year as I walked through the quiet hotel. But, I know that’s because I really enjoyed myself, and that’s a great thing. I’m excited for next year’s festival already, even though it’s a year away.

Our entire staff sincerely hopes you had a great week at the Music for All National Festival. I hope that festival was a positively life-changing experience for you, and I hope we’ll see you again soon!