Last Friday the MFA marketing team spent some much needed time cleaning, archiving and organizing the 30 something years of memorabilia that packs our warehouse.  We sorted through the endless boxes of pictures and during the process found a ton of great ones from the old days of BOA (look out for more to come).  As I was finishing up looking through a box that I’m fairly sure was older than me, I called over the rest of our cleaning crew.  The conversation went something like this…

Me: Guys… Guys! I found a Keytar!

Everybody else:  A keytar? 

They quickly walked over and looked at the black and white picture in my hands.

Me: When do you think the last time someone used a keytar in BOA was? Seriously.  How long has it been since the keytar?

No one could answer, and we all became incredibly curious. 

Member of the cleaning crew:  You should write a blog post about this! Maybe someone will remember.

Me: That’s a great idea! I’ll do it.

So here we are, and I’m asking for your help. My curiosity has forced me to write this blog, and ask all of you BOA fans out there, when was the last time you saw a keytar, or some other interesting/odd instrument in marching band? Let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Best photo/video wins an awesome prize!

P.S. Anyone that can find/sends in a Theremin being used in a marching performance automatically wins. Seriously. I really want to see a Theremin. 


John DeRoss is a marketing assistant new to the team at Music for All. He is a graduate of the Arts Management program at Indiana University- Bloomington and has previously worked/interned in the music industry for the Secretly Label Group.  In his spare time John enjoys playing guitar and obsessing over Bob Dylan