1985 Trophies

I know everyone was eagerly anticipating this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday. Well I’m happy to report that this week we are once again taking you back into BOA history.

Finding today’s throwback was no simple task. I searched through boxes of photos for something that represented 1985. I found thousands of other gems from before 1985 and after 1985 (you’ll see some of those in the coming weeks), but today 1985 was evading me. I pressed on because 1985 was a significant year and I wanted to showcase it.

1985 holds significance for a couple of reasons. 1985 was the year that BOA was “Soaring Into a New Decade” for their 10-year anniversary celebration!

But, today I chose 1985 for another reason.

September 5th, marks another anniversary in BOA history. Today is Debbie Laferty Asbill’s (our VP of Marketing and Communications) work anniversary. Debbie started working for Music for All (when Music for All was MBA) in 1985 as the Promotions Coordinator.

Staff photo- 85ish

This is a MBA staff photo- I don’t believe it was 1985, but pretty sure it was close! Debbie is in the front in the white.

For 28 years Debbie has been the creative mind behind Music for All’s brand and marketing initiatives. I know that I can confidently speak for everyone here at Music for All- we are so glad she made the decision to join the team back in 1985, and we are thrilled that she is here today, continuing on the tradition of excellence.

Happy Work Anniversary Debbie!


Do you have a BOA memory from 1985? Share it with us in the comments!


Erin Fortune is the Marketing Coordinator focusing on digital marketing at Music for All, and has been working with Music for All for three years, first in the Participant Relations department and now in marketing. She is a graduate from the Music Industry Management program at Ferris State University in Michigan and is a former Percussive Arts Society Intern and a Yamaha Corporation of America, Band and Orchestral Division Intern.