Question: Who was the first Grand National Champion to receive “The Eagle” Grand National Traveling Trophy?

Answer: Center Grove H.S., IN (1995)


In celebration of BOA’s  20th Anniversary, Bands of America debuted the Grand National Traveling Trophy, commonly referred to as “The Eagle.” Center Grove High School, under the direction of Thomas Dirks, was awarded the travelling trophy in 1995 for their show “A Journey into the Adventure Zone.”


The trophy quickly became the quintessential and recognizable icon of the Bands of America Fall Championships. Still today, the Eagle is kept with the reigning Grand National Champion. During this weekend’s Indianapolis Super Regional, 2012 Grand National Champion Carmel H.S. Marching Greyhounds will return the travelling trophy to Music for All in preparation for next week’s 2013 Bands of America Grand National Championships, presented by Yamaha.