Question: In our last Throwback Thursday: Color Guard Edition blog post, we mentioned that Bands of America used to present an Outstanding Auxiliary Award at its Grand National Championships. What is the last year that Bands of America awarded an award for outstanding color guard at Grand Nationals?


Answer: The 1994 Grand National Championships


Bands America awarded the last Outstanding Auxiliary Award at the 1994 Grand Finale on November 5, 1994. The Centerville Jazz Band received the award, also receiving 8th place that year with their program featuring the music of Chase. In addition to flags and weapons, the color guard utilized hula hoops to reflect the 1970s era of Chase. The Marian Catholic H.S. band was awarded their fifth Grand National Championship title in 1994 as well. Although the Oustanding Auxiliary Award ended after 1994, color guards remain an integral part of the visual design for marching bands across the U.S., and it is always exciting to observe the many innovations in color guard over the years.