The following update concering MFA Video On-line Streaming and Unshipped 2014 Fall DVD Products was sent to all current Music for All Video Subscribers

Dear Supporter and Valued Customer:

This communication is intended to update and provide you with the latest information concerning the provision and delivery of Bands of America commemorative videos. First, the latest change…

Music for All Video (On-line streaming video subscriptions)

  • Effective August 11, 2015 the Music for All subscription online video program is discontinued. New subscriptions will not be offered or sold until further notice. We are working to determine appropriate actions/next steps concerning unexpired subscriptions. Next steps will depend, in part, on the results of ongoing discussions with copyright holders to resolve past and present licensing issues and the negotiated terms and conditions for providing future video commemoratives/services. Persons who have time remaining on existing annual subscriptions (as of August 11th) will be contacted when MFA finalizes its plan and procedures.

Unshipped Fall 2014 DVD Products

  • Music for All (through its licensee Mr. Video) has not shipped orders for videos of some events occurring on or after October 18, 2014. We have and continue to be in negotiations with certain music rights holders for licensing necessary to complete Fall 2014 videos. Keeping in mind that the majority of music is licensed, efforts to license remaining titles continue. We have not been able to obtain some agreements for licenses that are economically feasible, suitable or sustainable in our current DVD and streaming product models. Persons with existing pre-paid orders will have their DVDs shipped with all unlicensed music muted. Email communication will be sent when your DVD has been shipped. Mr. Video expects to start shipping by the end of August. If and when we complete negotiations with rights holders to license the remaining music, we will ship replacement DVDs with this music un-muted.

Fall 2015 Offerings

We continue to seek agreements and a structure by which we can continue to offer video commemoratives of Bands of America events. To date, we can report:

  • Music for All will record and provide a high camera video recording of each performance at Bands of America events and deliver it to the respective director on-site (for evaluation and use in future instruction).
  • Music for All is working and expects (as in the past) to offer live, multi-camera streams of its Super Regional and Grand Nationals performances. At this time, we expect to offer such performances on an individual and/or season subscription basis for live viewing only. Please stay tuned for future announcements concerning this offering.
  • Music for All will continue to pursue strategies and terms that will allow us to record and offer to parents, students and fans video commemoratives consistent and in compliance with U.S. copyright laws and the requirements of music rights holders. We are working to provide such services in 2015 in collaboration with Tresona Music to create a platform that will, at a minimum allow Music for All/Bands of America to offer properly licensed post event streaming and downloads of performances at Bands of America events. Please stay tuned for future announcements concerning this potential offering.


Music for All has consistently sought to operate in compliance with U.S. Copyright laws and the rights and wishes of composers and rights holders, to offer commemoratives in the best and most desirable formats available to participants, families and fans. It has done so using a model that offers this content at the lowest possible costs to those we serve with little to no residual direct, net economic return to MFA. It is a service we provide and have provided to further our mission to “create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all.”

We are now aware that some of our current and recent past initiatives are not acceptable to or consistent with the understanding and expectations of certain rights holders. It is our duty in practice and by law to reconcile our practices with these expectations. Our mission and core values require it.

The remaining work necessary to recreate a working model for delivery of commemorative products is not and will not be simple. Please know that Music for All, and all the parties involved are working diligently and in good faith to reconcile differences and develop suitable, sustainable, and legally and contractually compliant solutions for offer commemorative recordings of performances.

Questions/More Information

Should you have unanswered questions or concerns, please contact us at 800.636.2263 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..