ā-ˈlēt  , i-, ē-

1. The choice or best of anything
2. A group of persons exercising a major share of authority or influence

What does it mean to be ‘elite’?

Elite is a conscious effort to be better, stronger, livelier than the performer you were yesterday. It’s embodying the spirit of an organization. It’s performing harder and engaging the audience more genuinely. It’s following through on tradition and simultaneously impacting those who will follow after you have left. Elite is not a score, nor is it a ranking. It’s earned through the hearts and minds of those you impact.

Elite is not a status; it’s a mindset.

From high school marching band, to winter guard, to drum corps, to college band, DSI is dedicated to supporting a mindset of growth, spirit, and tradition. We share a joy in watching young performers bring crowds to their feet cheering, dancing, singing along, rallying a team to victory. We believe in the power of performance. We believe in Elite.

DSI understands that the most elite performers deserve the most elite equipment! That’s why we are proud to offer footwear, accessories, and color guard equipment that meet the demands of these students. No matter the crowd, it pays to look and feel your best. From Friday Night Football, to Game Day and Competition Saturdays, to indoor performances, to stadium finals, trust DSI to help you reach Elite.