Douglas C. Pileri


Business Leadership Consultant

In an international career that spans more than thirty years, Mr. Pileri has earned a reputation for applying visionary leadership––energizing and inspiring workforces and integrating business discipline with the creative application of technology––to achieve extraordinary results. In multiple senior leadership positions, he has built an enduring record of success in some of the world’s great companies––IBM, Thomson, and Kodak––and in Freedom Partners, one of the country’s most successful policy-influencing organizations.

Mr. Pileri’s experience with music began with clarinet lessons at a young age when he learned that even though he wasn’t the best in the band, his ability to play an instrument would help him develop confidence he would need along the way. From that point on, there would always be music in his life––first through a grand piano, because he and his wife Debby believed that music helps to build a sense of love and family in the home.

Later, their three daughters––Claire (saxophone), Kristen (mellophone). and Nicole (clarinet)––would become members of the Carmel Marching Greyhounds––where Claire and Kristen each became the center lead drum major. Claire is now a doctor. Kristen is a television animator. Nicole will graduate from college this year. Music gave them each a head start on their dreams they couldn’t have gotten any other way.

Mr. Pileri believes there are two universal languages––music and photography––that bring us together and make a great difference in our world. He takes an avid interest in each. His photo essays of the Greyhounds have been cherished by band parents and other members of the organization through the years, and at his annual hosting of the Indy Awards––Carmel’s versions of the Oscars––he takes photos and other pictures of friends photoshopped into scenes with Hollywood movie stars.

During his career, Mr. Pileri has been a keynote speaker at international conventions and has been featured in a cover story of CIO Magazine. His university speech, How to Outwit Your Global Future, has been broadcast on National Public Radio.

In addition to serving as Vice Chairman of the National Board of Music for All, he also serves on the Boards of Directors for several graduate business and technology schools. He has been awarded two patents and has an MBA from the Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester. He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

In his role on the Board of Music for All, his goal remains: “…to use my experience as a ’music dad”’ and my business expertise to help the Board combine music and technology in ways that make a difference in the lives we touch and the communities we affect. Music has the power and the magic to change lives and inspire dreams. What could be more fun––and more satisfying––than being involved in something like that? ” Mr. Pileri and his wife live in Carmel, Indiana; his daughters––including Claire and Jake and their first grandson, Brooks––are scattered across the country.