Jake Cozza: Advancement Intern, Summer 2022

Bachelor of Music Composition, Indiana University (2022)
Lakes Community High School, IL (2018)

Performing Arts Background/Involvement:
“I grew up doing live sound for bands with my father, who was an audio engineer. Learned guitar at 13 and played gigs around the northern Chicago suburbs. Then I did trumpet, trombone, and french horn in concert band, jazz band, and marching band in high school; I also sang in choir and eventually lead my school’s barbershop quartet, which gave me my first arranging experience. I got my degree in music composition with the intent to pursue composing and sound effect design for video games. Now, my main music hobby is DJing, and I hope to do wedding gigs soon.”

What has been your favorite part of your internship? Why?
“Learning the ins and outs of how a nonprofit operates behind the scenes to create life-changing experiences has been incredible! There are a lot of hard-working individuals and teams at Music for All, and it has been an honor to participate in that workflow and learn from more experienced people.”

How do you like to spend your time outside of work and music?
“Learning Japanese, studying world history and geography, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learning to code.”

What are you most proud of?
“I ran a marathon in 2019”

What is something you hope to accomplish or become throughout your life?
“I want to become a translator! While I am primarily focused on Japanese, I hope to be a polyglot someday.”

Thank you for a great summer, Jake!

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Jake with his marathon medal (2019)

Jake with members of the Advancement Team, Erin Fortune and Grace Rimkunas, at the 2022 Summer Symposium