Music for All, SBN and BOX5 Media Announce Agreement

November 30, 2023 – Music for All (MFA) today announced a new collaborative relationship with SBN and BOX5 Media that enables on-demand streaming of many of the greatest performances in MFA’s catalog of live shows. Hundreds of Bands of America performances from 2023, 2022, and 2021 are available, including the 2023 Grand National Finals, which just concluded. Select past year BOA performances are also available, with more––including Music for All National Festival concerts––expected to be added over time.

“Those who’ve experienced any of the live shows presented by Music for All know that student musical artistry is electrifying, and their performances are inspirational,” said MFA’s President and CEO, Dr. Jeremy Earnhart. “Through this collaboration, we can now make the magic of that music more accessible to a much wider audience. Those who’ve enjoyed the performances in person can relive them again, while others can quickly discover the excitement. For participants, families, and fans––as well as for current and future music educators––this new agreement will bring access to entertainment they’ve never had before. We’re thrilled with its potential.”

Under the terms of this agreement, BOX5 Media will continue to livestream BOA Championships, available at, powered by BOX5 Media. For further information––or to subscribe––go to Music for All’s SBN channel. Subscribers can choose from an annual or monthly pass to stream BOA performances on-demand.

Go to Music for All’s SBN channel for on-demand video. 

About the Organizations

Founded in 1975, Music for All is one of the most influential national education organizations in support of active music making; it combines programming at a national level with arts education advocacy, providing opportunities for ensemble experiences and hands-on individual student performance training and growth, as well as teacher professional development. Bands of America and Orchestra America are among its many programs.

SBN offers private-label video streaming networks with built-in copyright licensing for concerts, competitions, and outreach.

BOX5 Media is a video event company with the experience, creativity, and technological savvy to produce high-quality productions that enable their clients to tell their story in an attention-grabbing way that creates an impression to last a lifetime.