Events Internship

Internship Term: Fall 2024
Application due March 15, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

About Music for All

Music for All is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit music education organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Programs of Music for All include the Music for All National Festival, the Music for All Summer Symposium, the Bands of America Championships, and Advocacy in Action.

Music for All Internships offer real-world experience in an exciting environment with an educational arts nonprofit organization. Music for All has a select number of paid internships available year-round.

Are internships in-person, remote, or hybrid?

This depends on the position and the season and will be specified on the individual position posting.

Are internships paid?

Yes, our interns are paid at a competitive, hourly rate.

Will there be travel?

Yes! The amount of travel depends on the season and the position, but all internships require some element of travel. Spring interns travel the least while Fall interns travel the most. You will work with your manager to find a schedule that works for you.

Do I need to be a musician to apply?

You do not need to be a musician to apply. While many current and former musicians and music educators work in our office, music knowledge and involvement are not required to succeed at Music for All.