Urgent update for parents, boosters and fans attending the Bands of America Super Regional Championship in San Antonio, Oct. 31-Nov. 1

Music for All was recently informed (late last week) that the City of San Antonio municipal ticket surcharge from the Alamodome had increased (effective October 18, 2014) from $1.00 per ticket to $4.00 per ticket. This increase will be in effect for the BOA Super Regional this weekend, increasing previously announced single session ticket prices by $3.00 per ticket. Super Tickets (all sessions) will increase by $9 per ticket. A $1.00 per ticket fee was already included in announced Super Regional pricing.

Our (Music for All/BOA) pricing has not changed. Additional amounts being charged are San Antonio municipal fees levied by city ordinance and entirely out of our control. Initially, we were told the fees would not apply this year, however today, even after we presented contractual and detrimental reliance objections, we were informed the new municipal surcharges would be in effect. We apologize for the inconvenience and economic impact on you and your families.