One of the Music for All Summer Symposium goals is to improve student music making through hands-on participation and performance. But “America’s Camp” is about more than teaching marching technique or blending with an ensemble.

The Summer Symposium is about molding leaders through active music-making, and because of the day-to-day work and exposure with our exceptional teachers, SWAGs, and speakers, our students reap the benefits of leadership development, community engagement, and self-confidence. Students arrive at camp malleable, expecting to learn the secret to earning principal chair back at their school; they leave with the poise and demeanors of young leaders ready to make a positive impact on their music program’s culture. As one Director’s Academy attendee said of the students’ development from the week, “Seeing those kids renewed my enthusiasm for what I do and reminds me of why I do it.” Providing students with a sense of community and a wealth of resources are in large part why Music for All exists today.

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