Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is not often that I reach out and ask for real help, but today I am. Music for All (Bands of America), is a finalist in the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook, wherein Chase gives real money to non-profit organizations like Music for All that receive the most votes cast via Facebook. We have already received $25K in round one, which will help us support our mission. As a top 100 finisher, we are competing for votes in round two for a top award of $500K. If we finish in the top 25, we will receive at least an additional $20K.

My request, on behalf of Music for All and me personally, is that you invite and allow your students just 10 minutes in class/rehearsal to take out their cell phones and login to Facebook to cast a vote in favor of Music for All in the Chase Community Giving program. I’m calling this 10 minutes of time – “A Facebook Moment in Support of Music for All.” Our collective 10 minutes could bring at least $20k to Music for All in support of music education. Our goal is to generate 10,000 votes from the 70,000 annual participants and 200,000 parents and fans that attend Music for All and Bands of America events each year. Please help us, if you can.

I am hopeful that you tell your students today (and encourage them to ask their parents and friends to vote as well) and take action (A Facebook Moment in Support of Music for All) tomorrow (Tuesday). Voting ends at 11:59:59pm EST on Wednesday, May 25th. Thank you for sharing “A Facebook Moment in Support of Music for All” with your students, boosters, etc.

To vote, all you have to do is log in to Facebook, “like” the Chase Community Giving page, and search and VOTE for Music for All. THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE AS VOTING ENDS ON MAY 25TH! SO, PLEASE DON’T DELAY!

Thank you for your consideration, time and support.


Eric L. Martin
President & CEO

P.S. Chase had finalists submit a “Big Idea” for use in determining who receives the top award. Check out ours, which involves convening a national summit of teachers, students and parents to create and implement local music and arts advocacy projects.