A reminder of two deadlines this week:

March 31 is the Early Bird Discount deadline for the Music for All Summer Symposium. Whether you’re a director, student or instuctor you can save by enrolling by tomorrow. Start exploring the Summer Symposium online here.

Already signed up? Let us know on the event Facebook page.

April 1 we will begin the random draws for preliminary performance times for the Bands of America 2011 Championships. If you are not already enrolled, enroll your band by April one to be part of the initial prelims time scheduling. Spots are open in most BOA Championships, including limited spots in Grand Nationals. See the full schedule here.

…and finally, if you need a smile today, check out @BronxZoosCobra tweets on Twitter. It may just brighten your day, it does mine!

– Deb Asbill, Music for All