Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Rehearsal Spaces

For any student practicing their instrument, keeping environmental noise out is critical. A sound isolation practice room is a private, safe and effective option to help them fine-tune their performance and concentrate on their craft. At Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) in Houston, Texas, the construction of a new building enabled the administration to upgrade their practice rooms for their students, who happen to attend one of the top-ranked performing arts schools in the country. They opted for Wenger’s SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms with superior sound isolation. Each room is 25 percent quieter than any other practice room available. Built-in absorption and diffusion enable the musician to clearly hear the best possible sound. The rooms also have built-in virtual acoustic environment (VAE®) technology, allowing the musician to learn how to adapt to performing in different performance spaces and get immediate feedback with record/playback during the practice session. “Our students are really enjoying the practice rooms and experimenting with the virtual acoustics,” Band Director Brad Smith says. “We also like the fact that there are glass doors on them so we can see what’s going on and potentially help them if they need assistance.” Wenger’s durable Nota® ConBRIO® music chairs and Roughneck™ Stands round out the first-rate equipment to serve a variety of performance needs. Storage cabinets keep instruments well organized when not in use, and a portable stage and riser system prepares them for any number of rehearsal situations.

The Big Picture

The music education upgrades were only part of the picture. The $88 million project included a five-story, 168,000-square-foot building featuring a dramatic front entrance with double-high glass windows and a wide stairwell, 800-seat main theater with a balcony, dance and music studios, 150-seat recital hall, 200-seat theater, 190-seat black box theater, and a modern outdoor dining area. The heart and soul of the building is the 800-seat Denney Theatre, which is used for a variety of performance types ranging from orchestra and choral to dance, theatre, and lectures. To enhance the sound quality and ability to cater to these performers, teams installed a variety of Wenger and J.R. Clancy equipment, including:
  • A custom lighting integration system, including LED theatrical lighting, networking, distribution, and theatrical and architectural lighting controls with customizable settings.
  • A Diva® Acoustical Shell to improve the sound for audiences as well as performers on stage.
  • A SceneControl™ Motion Control System, with the ability to program a number of shows, no matter how complex. Multi-level cueing, grouping, and control of an unlimited number of axes per cue make this console perfect for Kinder HSPVA, which presents a wide repertoire in a single season.
  • A cost-effective counterweight rigging system.
  • PowerLift® Hoists that are accompanied by additional custom automated rigging solutions.
  • Signature® Choral Risers and conductor’s equipment that are lightweight and provide ease of mobility for flexible set-ups.
  • Stagetek® Risers and conductor’s equipment.
The J.R. Clancy rigging equipment and motion control systems are specifically designed for maximum safety and ease of use, a benefit for the technical staff, teachers, and students using the equipment. The equipment and new facility are providing students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to improve their performances, continuing the school’s long-standing tradition and nationwide acknowledgement of excellence. “Kinder HSPVA is truly a school like no other,” says Principal Scott Allen. “As I walk the hallways of the school and observe students studying and participating in the creative arts, I realize how fortunate they are to have a fine arts campus to attend in the Houston Independent School District.” Get a Glimpse of HSPVA’s Rehearsal Room For more about HSPVA’s new campus, please click here. For more about SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms, click here. For more about Wenger’s Music Education solutions, please visit