This is the eighth installment of the Intern Spotlight series that will highlight the Music for All interns who work behind-the-scenes to make all of the positively life-changing experiences happen!
Get to know each of our amazing summer interns, as we learn more about who they are and what they do at Music for All.

Cecily Yoakam header

What is your hometown? City, State.
Midland, Michigan

Where did you go to high school? Where did you go to college and when did you/will you graduate?
Union High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am in my last semester at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. I will graduate in December 2017.

What is your major/degree?
Music Education

What is your musical background? This could be instruments you play and involvement in musical activities such as choir, DCI, theatre, winter guard, etc.
Started playing the saxophone in 6th grade then switched to oboe in the 7th, haven’t looked back! Did a lot of Bands of America and Music for All events in high school, Drum Major for three years in high school, member of the UNT Green Brigade Marching band, Drum Major in Fall 2015, Spent a little time with DCI and the 2014 Blue Stars as a Conductor,and 2015 SWAG Team member I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in Texas; mostly with Liberty High School in Frisco, TX as a field technician for their marching band. Also I recently joined the Pride of Indy Community Band

What are you most looking forward to in your internship this summer?
The opportunity to absorb all of this great information about advocating for music and education for people from all walks of life; learning ways to promote music in the community and the opportunity to support and give back to this awesome organization which helps thousands of kids every year; and getting to work with the people I have looked up to and admired since I was 14.

What is an interesting fact about you?
I can speak Hungarian

Who are your top three favorite artists? This could be any genre of music.
Mumford and Sons
Anonymous 4
György Ligeti

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