Cindy Powell Joins Board of Music for All

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – December 15, 2022 – Douglas Pileri, chairman of the Board of Directors of Music for All, today announced that Cindy Powell CPA has been elected to the organization’s Board of Directors.

“The election of Cindy continues our tradition of building strength through diversity by attracting highly proficient members of the business world to our board,” says Pileri, “As the Principal in CPowell Resources, LLC, Cindy brings more than thirty-five years of experience in finance, accounting and auditing services concentrated in school finance and bond programs. But as a current member of our finance committee, she is also very familiar with the inner workings and vision of Music for All. We will profit doubly––and immediately––from her new role and involvement.”

“Music adds color to our lives,” Powell says. “It’s a common language of expression for all emotions and settings. Music inspires, helps us experience our world, and express our emotions. Music for All programs are fun and foster characteristics that participants will use throughout their lives. From basic life lessons learned as an ensemble participant and the collective accomplishments of healthy competition, to camp experiences and professional development, music––and Music for All––help to produce good citizens and good leaders.”

Powell’s love for music performance began in elementary school when her parents and grandparents took their family regularly to Broadway musicals in Dallas. By high school the alto saxophone was her instrument––and marching band was her favorite season of the year. “I attribute much of my professional career success to experiences in school band programs,” she recalls. “Projects focused on fine arts programs were the highpoints of my career as the Chief Financial Officer for the Arlington Independent School District.” Powell retired in 2020 after serving that district for twenty‐seven years as Internal Auditor, Director of Accounting, Executive Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

“Cindy combines the knowledge of a very experienced financial professional––with the energy and enthusiasm of the young people we serve,” Pileri says. “She knows very well how schools and school systems think and fund themselves and invest. She brings practical and current understanding that will be invaluable to the operating managers of Music for All––and to our board.”

The 23-member Board of Music for All sets policy, provides oversight, and helps guide the growth of one of the most influential national education organizations in support of active music-making. Music for All combines programming at a national level with arts education advocacy. Bands of America and Orchestra America are among its many programs.

“Music for All has a unique goal––to provide student music performance events and educational programs on a national level, as well as to advocate for music education,” Powell concludes. “The vision and energy of the board and leadership team bring that to sustainable reality. Contributing my experience in finance, auditing, and capital program leadership is my opportunity to help ensure that Music for All can responsibly grow its impact for future generations.”

Powell and her husband, Steve, reside in Arlington, Texas. Her appointment to the Board of Directors for Music for All is effective immediately.