The first day began at 8am as the hundreds of campers arrived for registration! Camp SWAGs and MFA Staff worked together to ensure that the over 1,000 campers had all that they needed to make the week a success. Leadership Weekend students continued the MFA tradition of welcoming campers with a tunnel of raucous applause and camp spirit.

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After registration and placement auditions were over, the students headed over to Emens Auditorium for the opening session. The opening session featured the color guard staff performing a routine to the hit song “Let It Go.” The students cheered them on as they tossed rifles, sabers, and flags and successfully caught them. Norm Reubling, camp director, then came on stage to give the students information they needed and to get them excited for the week ahead.


The day ended with the Yamaha Young Performing Artists Competition winners giving an incredible performance back on the Emens Auditorium stage. The students were awed by the amazing performers that are just a couple of years older than they are.

As the day came to a close the students made their way back to their dorms tired, but excited for what lies ahead of them for the rest of the week!